Of Languages, Music and Hope

Of Languages, Music and Hope

Music, what language expresses it best, what language accompanies it most beautifully? What of the context, does that make a difference.

This morning, as I listened to three young Italian tenors sharing roles in what seemed a love song I lost myself in the music of words I didn’t understand but which conveyed feeling without need for specific comprehension.  That is, I think, the primordial role of music.  Pondering my question I initially thought the answer must certainly have been Italian, but then, I remembered the pure beauty of emotive Spanish baritones, love songs of all kinds, some expressing romantic love and others, love for the poor and downtrodden and still others, distilled from love that springs from hope amidst travesty.

In the end, I guess we all choose based on our own unique experiences; for me, despite my love of Dylan and the stream of English lyrics sung beautifully by so many, I find Spanish best.

Still, … I wonder why this is written in English.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2013; todos derechos reservados