Shades of Silver

Shades of Silver[1]

The sun overslept and the day dawned in shades of silver, tendrils of mist creating a vivid three dimensional affect in the distant mountains, highlighting areas I didn’t realize existed outside our window.

The weather affected my perceptions as well making me deeply introspective and a bit melancholy but within a shell that numbed my feelings.  I knew they were there but I just couldn’t feel them.  I remembered them but they seemed to have gone off somewhere, perhaps exploring for something new; perhaps the old ones were a bit too bitter and the new ones still drowsing at my side.  Perhaps they’d all just overslept.

I hoped so.

An unpleasant feeling twitched in a fold hidden deep inside my psyche, something didn’t seem right, Alex seemed involved somehow; not too serious, not something that couldn’t be corrected without too much trouble if given timely attention, but still, something I couldn’t quite identify.  I waited for awhile not wanting to wake him and this being Saturday that meant waiting past noon.  I held out until eleven and then was inevitably disappointed when I got no answer.  Oddly, Billy didn’t answer either, his cell phone almost immediately transferring to message mode.  As usual, Edward answered my call but had little to say other than “goodbye” too quickly.  I’ve never been able to understand that but it’s a constant so I’ve at least learned to accept it.  The good news is that Edward knew of nothing wrong.  Still, he can be pretty oblivious.  With him, it’s a survival mechanism.  I always said he was smart.

The sun’s still sleeping but the silver tendrils have coalesced into thick mists hiding the mountains and hills they’d highlighted earlier.  Still, the living core of the city seems to be pushing them away like a sleeper slowly waking and trying to kick her covers aside.

It’d be nice to see the sun; and some bright blue skies; and to feel the heat rising; at least a bit.

It would be nicer to see Alex, and Billy and Edward.

[1] © Guillermo Calvo Mahé, December 18, 2009, Manizales; all rights reserved

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