Omega glances back over his shoulder at infinity and frowns although perhaps it’s not a frown, just a singularly strange and unattractive smile, but a knowing smile (or a knowing frown), in either case, knowing just the same.

Omega remembers Alpha and wonders what’s become of her, then, not for the first time, wonders again how much time comprised eternity.  It went by much too quickly.

Alpha is ancient now, everlastingly ancient, much more ancient than Omega; after all she was the first and he the last.  She hates being the eldest although that wasn’t always so.  She too wonders where time’s gone, but undoubtedly, gone it has.

She seems to recall something about Time having run off with Entropy, but perhaps that was just a rumor.

She remembers the birth of Omega, its adolescence and perhaps, best of all, its puberty.

Those were the days.  But that was pretty long ago although how do you measure long ago when Time’s run off with who knows whom.

“Oh yea, I think it was Entropy” she whispers to herself; but space having disappeared, … no one hears.

… Although it was pretty crowded towards the end; … maybe everyone’s still here, very nearby; just very quiet — everything having already been said and done an infinite number of times.

In a very nearby corner, very far away, déjà vu sits and waits.

It senses that its time is near, …


[1] © Guillermo Calvo Mahe, Manizales, 2010, all rights reserved

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