Balanced on Equatorial Pins

Balanced on Equatorial Pins[1]

I lie on a newly arranged sofa of sorts, two end segments from a larger custom designed modular unit that Julia has cobbled together in my den, trying to reread Tom Robbins Another Roadside Attraction when for some unfathomable reason it occurs to me how incredibly cool it would be to live in a country home exactly on the equator, with fountains on either side of it feeding into large basins of circulating water, each circulating in different directions because of the location:

Sigh …:

It would be especially cool if the house were a home, and the home sat high in a mountain amidst lush greenery so that the weather was cool.

Tom Robbins can do that to you, especially if you seem inclined towards the somewhat strange.

To be perfect, at least for me, the home would need to be in Colombia, so I spring for my computer, attacking Google with demands for information on “equatorial Colombian mountains”.

No results for that phrase though.  The maps I find aren’t all that helpful either.

For someone whose religion has shifted towards the infallibility of internet information technology, that is a singularly unwelcome sign.

[1] © Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2010; all rights reserved

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