Primally Ultimate Questions

Primally Ultimate Questions[1]

Linearity is so boring. So confining.  So, well, unidirectional.

Chaos was fun.  No time, no space, everything happening at once, everything equally possible and impossible.  No memory, no past or future.  The good old days.

Nothingness was so perfectly balanced.  Everything was inchoate, possible but not there.  Nothingness was before first, before chaos, before linearity, before space and time.  No one to perceive anything.  No creation and no criticism.  No creator and no critics.

Strange but perfect nothingness was the only vessel that encompassed every possibility, thus it was the most full and complete vessel that could exist although being nothing, it had no existence.  It was and is the most perfect contradiction.  Inside nothingness, perfectly balanced, everything existed, entwined with every anti-thing, cancelling each other out but sleeping in perfect peace.  Until the first most minuscule possible thing escaped, perhaps Loki.  Then everything exploded and joined in the Great Escape, the greatest escape possible.

Where did nothingness go?  Can it ever return?

Can entropy cram everything back into itself so that, like the monster in Heinlein’s Glory Road,

It returns to nothingness?  Locked in Pandora’s Box which is itself within itself,

A concept that can only be illustrated if one has seen the inside of a busy woman’s purse,

A busy woman who has never taken physics and thus

Does not know that it’s impossible to contain more inside than out?

How long did chaos exist?  Is there any chaos left?  What happens after linearity?  Is there anyplace outside of order?

[1] © Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Ocala, Florida; 2005; all rights reserved

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