Midafternoon in the Andes, On a Day in Early Spring

Midafternoon in the Andes, On a Day in Early Spring[1]

“Hazy shades of winter”, a phrase I recall from Brooklyn Law’s most famous bards, but today, in the high central Andes of Colombia, it’s hazy shades of Spring.  Colors bleached from the landscape creating a slightly eerie but not unpleasant portrait in frozen pastels.  Not that the weather is all that cold, just that the clouds seem to be having a reunion of some sort.

It’s a holiday in Colombia, not sure which, but celebrated on a Monday resulting in a three day weekend referred to locally as a “bridge”.  I’ve become very fond of “bridges” here but I’d hoped for sun, a sunny day to walk in, seeking the city heights where I’m fond of reading and writing and lately, at long last, of drawing.  The view is inspiring although at times, so beautiful as to be distracting, especially at sunset and early dusk.

But instead, I’m watching minutes float by while I sit in my den, waiting for a late afternoon errand to come due.  That reminds me of a phrase I once wrote with reference to a translation of a Pablo Neruda poem, “dew on pasture”, I can’t think why other than the music in the words.  Or, the fact that Pablo Neruda so praised this region’s sunsets.

Hmmm, a mid-afternoon in the Andes on a day in early Spring.  How would Art Garfunkel paint that?

[1] © Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2011; all rights reserved