On Dialectic Theory and Circles

On Dialectic Theory and Circles[1]

Dialectic, a concept based on dialogue credited to Hegel and Marx but older than Plato; the result of two opposed perspectives generating synergy.  Interesting.

Have you ever sought infinity in the depths of opposing mirrors only to find that, eventually, they just curve beyond perception?  I wonder if that’s how dialectic theories, as currently understood, at least by the mainstream, ultimately play out?

As I understand it (and I hope I understand it well, it’s among the things I endeavor to teach), dialectic theory, grandly simplified, involves a starting point concept which generates an opposing concept and from the two emerges a new concept which immediately proceeds to repeat the process ad infinitum generating progress.  Phwewuh!

But taking it to ultimate conclusions, doesn’t that just generate a circle?  After all, what is the opposite of an opposite of an opposite?

Is that why history is doomed to repetition?

Just wondering.


[1] © Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2011; all rights reserved