Perhaps It’s True That Wonders Never Really Cease

Perhaps It’s True That Wonders Never Really Cease[1]

Chord progressions on the guitar, an instrument that I bother more than really play, but which touches my soul nonetheless, have shadowed my evolution.

The D chord was my first but my first progression was an old rock E, A and B followed up with the more soulful C, Am, F and G.  But D based progressions were always important in the background, the soul of my late sixties flirtation with protest, a flirtation that left an indelible mark that became more and more ingrained as the years flew by, until today, it’s almost a benign scar.

Peter, Paul & Mary seem somewhat trivial now but they weren’t then, and their music has never really released its hold on me. Today, the D, A and G progression has captivated me, releasing its magic to ease lonely times far away from all but one of the places my heart calls home.  Somehow, within its magic, the sounds it calls forth from my beautiful (if somewhat plebeian) Spanish style guitar (made in Japan) are attaining a depth and breadth I find comforting, albeit surprising, coming from me.

Perhaps it’s true that wonders never really cease.

[1] © Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2012; all rights reserved