I Wonder

I Wonder

I wonder how it’s possible to feel so much, so soon, for someone so far away, both spatially and temporally; I wonder about the couple we could have been so long ago; I wonder at the miracle of a chance to correct an almost incurable error of omission.

Sometimes I fear that our reality can’t possibly meet our expectations but then I remember you, the first time I saw you, the last time I saw you, and I read your soul’s messages reflected in the notes you write me, not just the direct messages but the you they reflect.

I love the perception that you start your days like yesterday’s knights, arming yourself to fight evil, something I too feel on my better days. And, although I wonder a great deal about what the future will bring us, I thank the destiny that’s joined us today, albeit so far away.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Ocala, Florida, 2006; all rights reserved