I wonder if love, the being-in-love type, is a kindred spirit like the ancient Egyptian concept of the Ka, which in some of us settles down with a single complement but in others flits confusingly from one person to the next. The least satisfying option to me would seem to be where it can’t settle with just one person at a time and the best, when it finds a permanent home. The latter, I think, defines the essence of the concept of home, the place where fulfillment, passion, creativity, security, tranquility and happiness dwell.

I also believe in the concept of soul mates, although I don’t know if it involves a pattern that several different people can satisfy or if it’s truly exclusive, I’d prefer the latter.

If I’m correct, then I realize that until one finds that perfect person, that kindred love spirit has no choice but to flit restlessly; sometimes, perhaps frequently, despairing, making false stops along the way, sometimes for a long while and sometimes for an instant, a quest as intense as that for the Holy Grail. Perhaps that’s what the quest for the Holy Grail is all about.

I’ve been questing for a long, long time.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Ocala, Florida, 2013; all rights reserved