Interesting, in a Vulcan Sense

Interesting, in a Vulcan Sense

Odalisque. Strange he thought. He wondered whether, so secretly that he could not perceive it, he wished her ill, wished that she’d lose what she most valued although nothing came close to how much she seemed to value herself. He wondered how she’d come to be the way she seemed then realized that he was qualifying his perceptions, attempting to give her an escape route, an out. Why?

Odalisque. He wondered if a word existed that encompassed that word’s physical aspects while inverting any sense of subservience. She’d never seemed subservient, at least to him. She’d seemed capable of manipulating anyone and any situation. He wondered whether she ever regretted anything she did, but then, he thought, we all have regrets. It just didn’t seem that weakness could apply to her.

What kind of parent, he wondered, would give a child that name, or had she auto nominated herself. He wouldn’t put it past her. If so, he wondered why she might have done that. The ambivalence that he perceived in that name was not one he’d associate with her but then, he’d been aware for some time he’d never really known her. And somehow, she’d made it clear to him that he’d never known himself.

Interesting, in a Vulcan sense.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2015; all rights reserved