I Wonder Why

I Wonder Why

“I wonder why”?

I think that’d be a good title for an autobiography, perhaps mine. I’ve always liked Pablo Neruda’s choice, “I Confess, I’ve Lived”, but of course, that’s hardly available (other than as homage).

“I wonder why” may be my first and has certainly been my most constant preoccupation, the one with the least plausible answers. In fact, that query, rather than leading to answers has almost always led me to more questions, something that, in retrospect if not in hindsight, I’ve found very pleasing.

Why time and space, why then and now, why where and when, why who (or is it whom, guess that requires context), why context, why us, why me?

In the end and perhaps the beginning as well (or perhaps, very shortly after the beginning), I suspect a sphere and then spheres, and in or near the end, a sphere again, had and will have something to do with “how” and “what”, but “why” is probably not to be found there. Perhaps “why” is a shirker, or got lost, or has never been found; more possibly the latter, but that possibility does not come close to approaching a probability.

I wonder why?

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2016; all rights reserved

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