She has

Somewhat outsized hands and feet, coupled with short legs, a bit thick; and bright white teeth, ever so slightly wedged inward. Not a promising beginning for devastating beauty but somehow it works.

A torrent of dark hair flowing in waves; large deep, dark eyes framed by gentle brows and long lashes; a slightly Roman or perhaps Grecian nose with a slight deviation overlooking wide thick lips, all set in a porcelain complexion, atop a long graceful neck. Artificially augmented but yielding breasts perfectly presented although sensually dysfunctional, titillating but unresponsive, a pretty belly, pretty hips.

It all

Works almost as magnificently as her charismatic malevolence. Like a black hole. You kind of know you’re going to be crushed and burned, dismembered and destroyed. Mayhem is probable but when she asks you she gets what she wants, no matter how ludicrous the pretext. She dissembles like a charm, straight to your face, knowing you know and enjoying it all the more, … flashing her devastating smile.

That must have been

What the dark queen in Snow White was like; the traditional version, not the one where she’s a poor, misunderstood victim of male perversions. Not just evil but proudly and joyfully so. A birthright claimed, protected and preserved. Ruthless and reckless and carefree.


Hmmm. She may be its emissary. But, one wonders if she wonders at the balance she accumulates. She doesn’t need to. She knows and doesn’t care, …

She just won’t pay.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2016; all rights reserved

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