A Tale of Wandering Dew

A Tale of Wandering Dew

Silvery streams of chaos, everything inchoate, race down, bouncing off of each other as well as off of jutting splinters of rocks, racing to dive into frigid pools and then, resting somewhat, meander, streaming down mountains into hills and valleys, eventually joining rivulets and streams and in due course rivers in the long voyage back to mother ocean; then, basking amidst solar streams, shedding mass as volume increases and floating back towards father sky, congregating in small white billows, then joining others like us till mighty and almost black, we rejoice in a blast of brilliant light and thunderous ovations and make our way back as myriadly unique flakes, back to a crystalline peak, very much like the one from which we started, and, frolicking, start our journey anew.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2016; all rights reserved

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