The Blues Fish of Happiness

The Blues Fish of Happiness

The happiness blues, an oxymoronic exercise in antithetical masochistic rhythms requires an avatar; happiness has the bluebird but for this complex compendium, why not a fish? A Blues Fish. The Blues Fish of Happiness.

Cool, it has to be cool, so it has to live in cool waters, but that poses a problem, it ought also to live in the Louisiana Bayous, near New Orleans, and they’re not cold, just cool, but very cool. But perhaps it could spawn there and then travel south to the Antarctic Sea, play there with dancing penguins (saw some recently in a Disney toon, although it should have been a tune), and then, cooled off, return.

The melodies, man, it would flow in downward spirals crooning through its flutes (all right, flukes, but flutes sounds better), cool and sad, perhaps because the Antarctic Sea was so cold and it so missed the Bayous. Hmmm, a refinement, only the males leave the Bayous which is why they’re so blue, the females stay. The shopping in New Orleans is much better than it is in the Águila Islet of the Diego Ramirez Islands. Much, much better.

So, what would the females be like? Probably flashy, colorful, dazzling rainbows, prisms of constantly changing colors which is in part responsible for their fickle nature. Irascible and irresistible to the forlorn Blues Fish.

So where does the happiness come in?

Obviously, … back in the Bayous, a short but effervescently blissful interlude in an otherwise cold but cool existence, so fulfilling that to experience it for more than brief interludes would prove decompressively explosive, which is why, without knowing why, the Blues Fish flee, driven to find the coldest cool possible, hence the Antarctic and the penguins.

Penguins seem pretty cool lately, snappy dressers with a snazzy way of walking, and a lot of good press these last few years, all of course, except for The Penguin of Batman fame. But he’s not a real penguin, he’s just a penguin wannabe, probably never even been in Antarctica or lived in New York zoos. He hangs in Gotham City which isn’t even Metropolis. And he’s not really cool, not usually, just sometimes. But he can be a downer and that’s important to the Blues.

Perhaps he could be an honorary Blues Fish? But they’ll have to vote on that, reach a consensus, when they have the time, when they’re in the mood. I wonder, .. does The Penguin play any musical instrument? I’ve heard rumors about a violin. Can he dance? Has a woman ever dumped him or dumped on him?

That would be essential.

The happiness blues, an oxymoronic exercise in antithetical masochistic rhythms.

But cool, man, cool.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2017; all rights reserved

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