News for My Kids As the Seasons Change On a Cloudy Day in Manizales, 2017

News for My Kids As the Seasons Change On a Cloudy Day in Manizales, 2017

So, ….

Paid some bills today, up to date on that and despite a lot of unusual expenses so far this year, and usual expenses that hit hardest at the beginning of the year, I’m holding my own. My foot seems much better and assuming Candice does not indicate otherwise, I expect to start tennis next week.

I was pretty active this week, interviews on radio and television on foreign affairs and submitted an article a national magazine had requested, but am very restless; I’m wondering if I suffer from a touch of attention deficit disorder which I’ve always managed to channel along productive veins. Seemingly it’s the wave of the future striking the present’s shores.

I miss you all very much and wonder how everyone’s doing. Salo and Rosey, and especially Alex and Edward. I know Billy and Candice are doing great. But real news would be very welcome. Are Alex and Paula and Salo still looking for a place of their own with Edward? How is work evolving for everyone?

How is Alex’s health progressing? A relative of Lily’s has been very ill with serious intestinal bleeding and is in intensive care, with his stomach opened, and it made me recall last year a bit too much.

Anyway, … just a Thursday ramble during the approach to another equinox; I’ve always loved the turn towards longer days.

Love you all very much


© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2017; all rights reserved

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