A Fundamental Question?

A Fundamental Question?[1]

What purpose did the multiverse, demiurge or creator have in developing the ability to self-replicate organic compounds we call life?  What is it about the concept of life, at whatever level, that makes it a positive evolutionary step for the multiverse or anything else?  What improvement does life demonstrate over the building blocks of energy and matter reflected, for example, in nuclear fusion?  What positive difference does the existence of life bring to nature?

Why is the universe better off because in addition to elements we have organic compounds?  Is it better off?  Or was life the primal environmental disaster, the necessary catalyst for all future disasters: the essential building block for evil.

If so, and if there was a creator, what does that say about the creator?  If there was no creator, what does it say about the creation?

Are we, along with everything else, just elements in the evolution of a lonely pantheistic Lucifer?

[1] © Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Ocala, Florida, 1998; all rights reserved

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