Melancholy Blues

Melancholy Blues[1]

I know that the past is most useful when it provides strength in the present and hope for the future, but ….

The past calls me so strongly it drowns the present.  It prevents me from enjoying who I am and who I’m with.  Was it really as beautiful as I recall?  How will I view today many years from now?  How much will I regret its absence?

As I look at my children and see the thousands of faces and bodies they’ve worn, would I give up even one?  Loving each too much to lose is so sad but yet so joyful.

Waiting for the future to become the present and then the past is daunting: more things to miss and long for.  Lost in the past one looses ability to shape the present, let alone the future.

Is melancholy comfortable or painful?  Is it perhaps best left in the past?

Probably not.  But maybe it’s best kept in a box and taken out sparingly.

If only I could.

[1] © Guillermo Calvo Mahé, Ocala, Florida 2007; all rights reserved

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