Spaces Between Dreams

Spaces Between Dreams[1]

Swimming in streams of chaos
Source of all things.
Swirls of knowledge and intuition.
Hope and despair.
Questions and answers.

Rejoinder and rest.
Accumulated experiences shared.
Eternities’ weekends.
Refreshing respite between lives.

Beyond temporal borders.
Ancient and ancestral prescience.
Cosmos reflected in an organic whole.
Before alpha, after omega; without beginning or end.
Simultaneously eternal; infinite instants mirroring pieces of a completed evolution.

Hints leak from infinity’s pools to conscious minds.
Intuition, inspiration and genius.
Teasing after images of true dreams.
Knowledge grasped for an instant then lost.
Real in the twilight between dreams; then, in an instant, gone forever.

[1] © Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Ocala, Florida; 2003; all rights reserved

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