Here and Now

Here and Now[1]

I am the crest of an eternal wave. Behind me lie all choices ever made.  All glories and triumphs, failures and tragedies, all joys and all sorrows.  I flow to rhythms of unknown tunes seeking a meaning to the notes and melodies that reflect my passage.  My wake is clear to see but hard to understand and impossible to change.

Rest leads to dizzying chaos as I tumble and gasp for breath amidst the swirls and eddies of violent waves.  Wakes created by those driven and still full of life dash me against hidden boulders, tossing me from one to the other, abrading me with harsh sands, filling my lungs with salty living waters until, desperate for breath, I resume the battle.

I am a mote in infinity’s ocean, a lonely wave in the endless seas, traveling on undulating crests and valleys I can’t control, I drift and float as currents carry me along a shifting world of perpetual motion.  Before me flow myriad streams of probabilities, possibilities and elusive long shots; choices I must make or have made for me.

Rejecting fate and embracing hope I swim against the anchors of entropy and fight the tides and currents of inertia as I seek to reach a final shore.

[1] © Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Ocala Florida, November 26, 2003

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