Hidden in the distance

Hidden in the distance[1]

In the distance I see my life, long and complex but empty; lost, looking for something essential, something it’s never managed to find.

In the distance a life that never was echoes wondering why it was never born, and hinting at opportunities perhaps already lost.

In the distance I feel forgotten feelings, memories both beautiful and hideous; relationships, dead before their time still wondering why.

But distance flows in many directions, not just towards the past, and so I’m not certain from where those incorporeal voices come.

Could it be the future calling me? Advising rather than rebuking? Disclosing the possible rather than the lost?

Could it be that there’s still time to achieve, if not everything, perhaps still a great deal?  Could it be that I’ve learned enough from the past to save something important of the future?

Could it be that my best days, my most important achievements, await me hidden around a curve in the road ahead?

Friends, lovers, sons and daughters; achievements, large and small; failures, like gurus teaching me who I am and why I’m here

Preparing me for a future worth remembering?

[1] © Guillermo Calvo Mahé, Manizales, 2009; all rights reserved

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