In the Beginning

In the Beginning[1], [2]

No wind blew, no sun shone, no stars winked in an ink jet sky.  No birds chattered or danced their courtship tangos.  No mountains or even hills broke the monotony.  No trees shaded flowing brooks or sprawling meadows.  Unless, of course, one was there:  the place where solitary trees falling echoed most loudly.

First there wasn’t, then there was!

The One took his first breath and noticed the Other, then realized that He was and that the Other was and then wondered where They had been before.  The Other smiled as he perceived that He had been freed from an eternity of inchoate being merged in infinity with his antithesis.

All that could ever be was now exploding in an orgy of freedom.  Perfection had been slain by a demiurge nowhere to be found.  Potential was actuality as the One, terrified by the confusion, strove to impose order in the form of temporal and dimensional prisons.  In response, the Other initiated a battle of liberation to free potential from the One’s limitations giving birth to metaphysics.

Cronus and order, Chaos and freedom.  Not a battle in any traditional sense (no traditions yet existing), rather, a game between competing complements, without rules or prizes, winners or losers (other than somewhat demanding game pieces trying to attract some-One’s or some-Other’s attention)

The hidden demiurge smiled as It sought to name itself.  It new its formula.  Infinity times eternity minus all that was equaled It.  But It wondered what it would be like to have a name.  It wondered about its amnesia.

Its first memory was of an escape immediately followed[3] by a huge explosion at every level of existence (the explosion, in fact, constituting every level of existence, minus It).  Then, It was apparently omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent and omnibenevolent, at least according to the prayers of some of the pieces in the Game that Cronus and Chaos played.

Cronus and Chaos appeared to be its only begotten children, begotten, not made; but if so, begotten on whom or by whom, when, and why couldn’t It remember.  Was It their mother, father or androgynously both.  They had appeared fully formed immediately after the great escape and then had started to play with the materials spewing forth from the rupture in the eternal infinity that It had somehow accomplished.  Cronus attempting to segregate the aggregate into neat orderly rows which Chaos immediately knocked down.

Cronus moved Adam on to the board and Chaos countered, first with Lilith but on second thought (he had not removed his hand from the piece), with Eve.  The game was already ageless (it had actually always been so, but for Cronus’ temporal limitations) and this particular variation had been played numerous times using different pieces and different boards.  Chaos had even given it a reference name, the Genesis opening.

The Demiurge was tempted to intervene because the opening always confused It.  However, intervention meant an end to the eternal practical joke.  Cronus and Chaos would no longer be the self perceived primes and that could affect the Demiurge’s sole source of entertainment.  Nonetheless, not for the first time, the Demiurge wondered if It was not itself the victim of an eternal practical joke, with the joker actually knowing what was going on and why.  As always, the Demiurge refrained from any action that might give away Its presence.

Who the hell were the Elohim, who was Adoni and were they related to It or mere figments of Cronus’ and Chaos’ obviously fevered imaginations?  Or, was Uranus really Cronus’ father and thus Its name?  If so, did It have a father and a mother (as the pieces in the game claimed)?  Was Cronus the Christ that some of the Game pieces had started worshiping, was Chaos their Holy Ghost?

Did Cronus and Chaos know something about It’s pre-Creative history?  Did they in fact know about It and were they engaged in a hellishly clever reverse practical joke?  Maybe they had preceded It and merely avoided Its attention in that utterly confusing initial explosion?  Maybe It needed to reciprocate.  Maybe It should create some confusion in their minds!

Not bound by Cronus’ temporal and dimensional prisons, the Demiurge does not have to make any decisions immediately; rather, It can speculate for any number of eternities as it watches their Game!  But somewhat over-sensitively It decides that It does not have to accept abuse (intended or not)!  It can throw a wild card into the mix.  Something totally none-sensible and irrational but powerful and effective.  Something that will add a bit of confusion to the game and create diversions over which Cronus and Chaos will exercise no control.

And at the end of the first age, It opened a box that had once belonged to the girl, Pandora, and withdrew from that box, one hitherto hidden element, jealousy, and It blessed the game with the gift of jealousy!  Not blatantly, but slipped in deftly, while Cronus and Chaos were distracted.  Jealousy, not envy (which might have a point).  Jealousy over the joys others might share, even if the joys were infinite and eternal and available freely for everyone.  Jealousy that would lead to hoarding and illogical allocations, and to poverty in the midst of plenty.

The Divine gift.

[1] Copyright, Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Ocala, Florida, 1998.  All rights reserved.

[2] Or maybe a better title would be “Bang!  You’re It.”

[3] And It meant immediately, not even a nanosecond (a concept introduced by Cronus) intervened.

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