Perhaps it’s Neither

Perhaps it’s Neither[1]

And it came to me of a sudden that there’s a stream filled with experience and knowledge, that of our kind as well as others, perhaps all others, and that the stream has no limits; that it’s untouched by time or space, and that from it, at our birth we begin to draw and into it we begin to contribute, drawing much more than we contribute at our beginning, but that as our lives progress, there comes a time of balance and then a time when we begin to contribute more than we take until one day, all of our essence is back in that stream.

For some reason we fear that return because it involves a loss of who we were on that journey and we cannot recall the bliss of wholeness and completion as we rejoin divinity and once again share in the godhead and I wondered why that was so, speculating that perhaps the fear was necessary lest we seek too soon to return.

I think I’ve sensed that stream often in my life and that from its strength have drawn all the positive things I’ve attained, my creativity especially, and thus I’ve never been overly proud of my achievements, always understanding that the inspiration came from elsewhere, requiring of me only resolve and the giving way of self to accept the whole, if but for an instant.

Does this mean that I’ve reached the point of balance or am I close to home again?

The fear still being strong within me, not of death but of an end to learning and experience, perhaps it’s neither.

[1] © Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2011; all rights reserved