Long, Long, Gone

Long, Long, Gone[1]

Old girlfriends, is that all they are now, just old?  No, of course not; not in my memory, especially those I haven’t seen in so, so long.

Kay is still fifteen, precocious, delightful and unforgiving (the last is probably still true, although I don’t understand why, wish I did, I think).  Susan is still sad; talented, brilliant, confused, beautiful in a way too few appreciated, and yes, angry too.  Vicky is still sparkling in my mind, energetic and superficial on the surface but caring and profound deep inside, sensual and sensuous and pretty much satisfied.  Diana is still a mysterious goddess, just as she proclaimed to me in 1965, potential realized even then.  Sue Hooker, where have you gone?  You went so fast, I never understood why, or perhaps, in all fairness, I did, just couldn’t accept it; I think I was too insecure to give myself fully until I realized I had, but then it was too late.

All of you young and beautiful, and bright and talented; … and long, long, gone.

[1] © Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2011; all rights reserved