Another Morning outside the Gates of Eden

Another Morning outside the Gates of Eden[1]

Cassandra sits outside the gates of Eden, huddled in terrifying visions, the recurrent dreams storming around her, icy rain lashing at her uncovered form, thunder blasting her unprotected ears, lightening blinding her sightless eyes.

Action and reaction, actors oblivious to the consequences bathed in the blessed relief of overwhelming power and impunity, slavery by other names protecting the chosen and the elect, permitting the cream to rise and the scum to settle.  Let them eat cake becomes let them drink tea but hide the lox and bagels, the gefilte fish and bialys.  Unbridled Zionism breeds virulent Antisemitism, links in a chain of bias, greed, hate and despair, diaspora channeling the pain everywhere, in every direction, filling every void, touching every soul.

Impunity and revolution, interrelated causatively cyclical concepts that seem unavoidable, abuse and pogroms and abuse and pogroms, how to stop the undulating devastation; can it be that no one sees the pattern?  They’re like laws of physics, cycles that can’t be stopped, the inertia – momentum sequence too devastatingly powerful.  The unbearable stench of death and despair, overwhelming but ignored; the warning signs blaring perpetually, but the players can’t seem to stop themselves, it’s who they are, perhaps it’s what they want, and like irresistible gravity wells, they draw us all into their lurid play.

Things are not always what they seem cry the hopeful and the blind while Armageddon waits in the wings, superfluous, as it’s always been.

[1] © Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2011; all rights reserved