Whatever Insanity Is

Whatever Insanity Is[1]

Infinity is a fascinating concept.

I think it involves qualitative as well as quantitative aspects.  It’s just something else, somewhere else, in some other time, or at least, so it seems to me.  Infinity minus infinity should be zero, but perhaps it’s not, perhaps it’s still infinity, or perhaps it’s something else.  It reminds me of my inability to accept the speed of light as a limit because my simplistic logic contradicts the facts; that is, to me it’s clear that light shining the way for a vessel traveling at half the speed of light would necessarily exceed that limit, but, it’s not, so I’m told; the trick is always in the premises.

We live in a multiverse that, but for David Hume’s concept of conventions, we would have little hope of explaining and less hope of correctly understanding, and yet, compared to the mess we make in trying to understand our collective actions, that task seems realizable.

No wonder then that, if there’s a demiurge out there somewhere, we’ve probably driven him, her, it, or them insane; whatever insanity is.

[1] © Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2011; all rights reserved