Soliloquy on a Stubborn Summer’s Day in Early January, albeit in the Northern Hemisphere

Soliloquy on a Stubborn Summer’s Day in Early January, albeit in the Northern Hemisphere[1]

Long title for such a simply beautiful day; a woman would call it a lovely day but perhaps I’m not as much in touch with the feminine side said to reside within us all, so I’ll stick to words that seem bright and full to me rather than the soft pastel words that so often are better at soft descriptions.  I wonder why?

I communicate with myself constantly but I wonder just how profoundly my sequential soliloquies delve and how honestly their echoing responses are.  Am I truly desperate in wanting to know myself or do I desperately want to avoid that knowledge?  I honestly don’t know; perhaps I’m just serially inconsistent.

A brand new year, well, at least brand new eight hours ago; that still leaves it pretty new.  If it’s been sullied I haven’t heard yet.  Perhaps that’s because it’s a Sunday and Sundays tend to be slower paced for most people, even for some villains.  I recall pondering on the concept of sullied when I was fourteen, so very long ago, wondering when that withering tarnish would touch my soul as it’s touched so many others.  And now I wonder how it has touched me and whether, as the new sciences sometimes demonstrate, I ‘ve been able to successfully program around it, and if I have, whether or not I can teach others to do so: kind of like one of the emerging generations of computer viruses, but this time, in a positive vein.  “Why not”, as Julia says?

I wonder if 2011 is a prime number, 2012 assuredly is not.  I wonder if that has any meaning; probably not although for some I’m sure the speculation would prove interesting and for others, profitable.  I wonder what this New Year will bring?  New challenges: of course.  New successes: maybe.  New failures: assuredly.  But hopefully I’ll keep muddling through, trying to keep the scales positive.

Well, anyway ….

Happy New Year!

[1] © Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2012; all rights reserved