Cycles, Successions and Progressions

Cycles, Successions and Progressions 

Once, a very long time ago, during the dawn of time really, the morning sun was walking with his sire, the sun at noon and his grandsire, the sun that sets.  It was just before dusk when they normally retired to the far side of the moon to join in discourse with their countless cousins, distant and near; the best time for sharing of secret knowledge and revealing of hidden mysteries.  

Being the youngest of the unborn and almost eternal illuminati, the son of the son of the sun in a sense, he was aware of the vast gulf that separated him from his sire, and that which separated his sire from his own sire, but also aware, that in a sense, at least temporally and spatially, his distance from his sire in one direction of time space, and his distance from his grandsire in the direction diametrically opposed, were almost equivalent, and he wondered that it should be so, and he wondered more why that should be so, although of course, he knew the answer had to do with the nature of cycles, and the interrelationship between their component successions and progressions.

“It is the intriguing nature of time” the senior son expounded “to be constantly inconsistent, thus a brief interval for one is a depressingly long delay for another, and this difference seems most obvious between the sexually paired, at least this is the perspective glanced from the infinitely small palace betwixt time that separates while joining, morning and noon.”  

His own sire yawned, apparently bored, the yawn then being repeated, as was proper, by the son of the son of the sun and ultimately by the sun at noon. 
© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2012; all rights reserved