Of Stray Beams of Light

Of Stray Beams of Light

And of a sudden I realized that I’d been in a deep trance, a seductive dream in a deep gravity well from which escape might not have been possible despite lovingly shared caveats from my sons, but that a benignly careless interval, perhaps a trace of over confidence somewhere, had at least temporarily loosened the silken ties that bound me, and that for an instant at least, a single stream of powerfully clear light penetrated my intoxicating fog and that perhaps, if I wanted it, there might be a way out.

But did I want that?

Actually, on cool and sane reflection, the answer is no, escape is not what I sought; the wonderfully clear beam of light merely illustrated that even when tested against a stark reality, my admittedly impulsive initial choice was correct, that even based on solely pragmatic considerations, my less mature and more emotional instincts had seen the light from the beginning. And now, twin strands of logic and emotion neatly braided, I’m more certain than ever. And so, I expect the future will prove me right; … this time.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2012; all rights reserved