Of Self-Love and Joy

Of Self-Love and Joy

It’s strange that I’m so often counseled to learn to love myself, strange that it’s so obvious to so many that I don’t. I wonder why?

I certainly love the man I’ve been at times, perhaps many times, but I’m rather harsh with respect to forgiving his mistakes; much more harsh than I am at forgiving others, at least most others. But I admit it’s true, with a single exception I’ve never loved the man I am at any given moment.

Wondering what that would be like I recall how I’ve felt when I’ve perceived myself a poet, when, driving in my small convertible with the top down between Ocala and Gainesville I sang my delight into warm winds and my heart listened to the ensuing echoes. I loved my self then.

Will I do so again, I wonder?

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2013; all rights reserved