Divinity’s Muse

Divinity’s Muse

I feel a divine energy emanating from a source outside the dimensions we understand, from a completely non-anthropomorphic but all-encompassing, all-inclusive source, but one that while omnipresent is neither omniscient nor omnibenevolent, a source that despite its domains of infinity and the part of eternity that’s already evolved, is itself growing, evolving, learning through trial and error, through us and for us. A vulnerable source but in its utter neutrality and passivity, ignorant of the concept of insecurity, other than as expressed by us and by our brethren among the universes that make up the multiverse.

I hear echoes and wonder whether, as the Hindu believe, divinity is at once singular and infinite. It would make a great deal of sense; and then I ask myself whether or not, as logic would lead one to conclude, there aren’t a number of sentient links between us.

Or, as my sons believe, are such echoes merely vacuous hopes, not even shadows, but just wishful aspirations, inspired by the doppelgänger of a divine muse some of us long to hear?

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2013; all rights reserved