On Delusional Optimism

On Delusional Optimism

Hmmm, only a piece of coal. Damn, and he’d been so certain …

But what if she’d really been a diamond and not just any diamond but one perfect in both color and clarity as he’d supposed; not the largest but then he preferred quality to mass and in his delusion, the symmetry had seemed perfect.

Damned delusions! … But, …

Can’t coal somehow be turned into diamonds? A bit of pressure, a few eons and, … it could happen. But then again, he’d neither the pressure nor the time. Perhaps, more to the point, he no longer had even the “figurative” lump of coal (well, … complex carbon-based organism at any rate).

Truth be told, despite some promising appearances, he never had. She did like diamonds though, and other expensive things; she’d liked them a lot.

Damned complex carbon based, bio-organisms anyway, maybe Veeger had it right.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2014; all rights reserved