It’s a Wonder Humankind Survives at All

It’s a Wonder Humankind Survives at All

It’s amazing that the male urge to procreate allows any space at all for ethics.

It’s so powerful that, at least in my case, it’s capable of total distraction and distortion and illusion. Literature, at least, leads me to believe that as a male, that compelling distraction is not unique to me. Thank goodness, … I think.

How can I sometimes be so completely rational and then so completely distracted, willing to at least consider sublimating every urge and instinct but one. It’s a wonder, a miracle, that, at least in part, I sometimes, although not as frequently as ought be, manage to overcome that instinct and avoid totally betraying the person I so want to be.

That instinct seems to exist in women as well, … at least in a few, but it lacks the primacy with which it affects men. In women the instinct for self-preservation, security and survival, too frequently at any price, prevails; reinforced by an uncanny ability to manipulate the male imperative.

Manipulation, … all too true, but … oh so very sweet. It’s a wonder humankind survives at all.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2014; all rights reserved