Of Kittens and Baby Birds

Of Kittens and Baby Birds

Baby birds fly away in so many different directions but regardless of what the future brings, memories of days filled with children’s unbridled laughter, innocent yet of guile, are the most beautiful gifts life can offer.

Children change, some forget and some remember; feelings tend to change as well, evolving and taking times toll, but some memories remain unsullied, perhaps even distilled into the most pure elixir, the sweetest ambrosia.

I’m very grateful for mine, for those that have stood the tests of time though I mourn those that time has taken. Time, that overstuffed closet where everything and anything once possible slept until it slowly unraveled, like a skein in a kittens paw.

Kittens and baby birds, innocent. But then, ….

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2014; all rights reserved