Chapter 223 in the Book of Revelations

Chapter 223 in the Book of Revelations

I was bitten by a zombie a bit before noon.

It confused me for a bit, I thought zombies couldn’t tolerate the light then remembered that that was vampires, but that was before 100% sun screen. I’m a fan of Christopher Moore but does not turn me on, not even a little, so, I’m a bit disconcerted.

OK, … I’m speaking figuratively but a surprise revelation about the perceptions of someone in my past, someone important I’d long treasured, felt like the bite of a zombie, … cold and unclean and perverted. And it made me reflect and wonder how accurate my own perceptions are, recalling what a young partner once taught me: that we all seek self-justification and that to expect otherwise leads only to surprise, and not the good kind. I’m surprised, … and not the good kind. More the fool I.

Of course, that virtual zombie bite did clear up important mysteries and it may be shedding light on others, things I’d somehow suspected. Sad and bitter experiences that nonetheless molded me in positive directions, making the real world clear to me, lifting the veil of delusions that I and too many of my generation lived by.

I feel as though I’m shrouded in cold damp mists, the kind that in the predawn twilight terrify in dirty city allies but bring hope in crags and crevices that dot the crests of mountains in the evergreen Andes. As though I’m waking from a restless slumber and looking for the perfect lover whose kiss may or may not have finally found me.

Or perhaps I’m just dreaming that I’ve woken.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2014; all rights reserved