Damn, … Missed it Again

Damn, … Missed it Again

After gazing at neatly smudged foreheads most of the day I finally realized that yesterday was Fat Tuesday and that despite a month of rereading Andrei Codrescu, I’d completely ignored the passing of this year’s Mardi Gras.

How that’s possible is difficult to grasp, perhaps the horrible world news that’s become so commonplace depressed my soul, desensitizing it to the otherworld of sensuality and delight, a world fading all too quickly and far too completely, with few to champion it, although Andrei certainly tries.

Interesting to realize that Catholicism is a critical catalyst for the innocent licentiousness freed during that special annual season that climaxed yesterday. An antithesis requires a thesis I guess. This part of Colombia is very Catholic but perhaps, carnival requires proximity to large bodies of water rather than mountains.

So now, forty days of Lent.

Well, never having really observed that particular season, at least not conscientiously, I’m certain to try and ignore it now, … but what will that require? Where to seek those special opportunities and where to find large quantities of brightly colored beads and the delightful women willing to trade for them?


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