The great mystery to many intelligent, well intentioned people seems to involve the quest for meaning. The answer to “why” in its myriad forms but perhaps most personally to our species, the purpose for our existence.

Some of us, having either given up or never having really cared, have concluded that there is none. Others, with more flippant souls, easily answer with either: “because” or “why not”.

Intellectually, as I matured and explored the issue deductively, mixing it in my quest for spirituality and an examination of the probable natures of divinity, I came to what seemed to me a logical conclusion, something that made sense despite the existence of injustice, inequity and suffering in a context not incompatible with a positive conclusion. I think the terminology might involve an aspect of panentheistic monism, the idea that the smallest possible thing, perhaps a component of a component of a quark, is part of a single organism evolving towards perfection, though that might well be an unattainable goal, and doing so through experimentation and trial and error in the manner that nature seems to favor. And thus, the answer to that primordial yet eternal question would seem to be that our purpose is to participate in the evolution of the one, of which we are all part, and to do so on myriad levels, from the subatomic through the multiversal, with an indeterminable number of sentient levels in between, making almost all belief systems possible, at least in part. Thus there could well be innumerable levels of beings at levels beyond ours, of which we may be a part: perhaps even elementals, angels, demons, gods, whatever we might have ever imagined in our collective memories. Ironic to think that Richard Dawkins’ meme theory might provide an intellectual tool justifying their potential existence, as it does consideration of societies, religions, philosophies, cultures and even histories as possible forms of life. At least some open minded atheists must speculate on this oxymoron.

It makes sense to me on an intellectual and emotional level when I take time to think about it. But; I’m not sure I feel that reverberantly resonant chime that truth ought to ring at its most fundamental levels. Perhaps it’s just the predictable reaction of that contrarian inner skeptic I so treasure, the one that made these speculations possible, the one to whom a closed mind is the only real sin, perhaps the Original Sin.

Interesting to speculate on the notion that finding and conclusively accepting an absolute truth might be sinful.

Oh well, … for now I’ll just keep trying to evolve on.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2015; all rights reserved