Speculations on the Nature of Memory

Speculations on the Nature of Memory

I don’t believe in cellular memory at more than an immediate level.  That is, I don’t find speculation that memory of everything is stored within every cell is persuasive, even on a merely intuitive level, not even limiting it to racial aspects.  Note that the adjective “merely” can reduce the grandiose to insignificance and absolute truth to absolute doubt, … effortlessly, … ask any lawyer (if you think you’ll trust the answer).

I do however feel (rather than think) that a universal memory is possible, and perhaps, that it’s probable, and that biological entities at some level may have an ability to access it.  It may, in all likelihood, be even broader as for some reason I’m bothered by the biological entity limitation, even when it extends to, let’s say, a virus, or bacteria.  And not just on an emotional, guilt based level, although that is certainly in play.

In fact, that matter and energy retain form after billions of matter to energy to matter to energy transformations per second strongly implies to me that even quarks have access to that universal memory and are ruled by it.  The other possibility is that memory is only an illusion and that everything that ever was has just occurred.

I wonder what the relationship of universal memory is to the Divine, assuming Divinity in fact exits?

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