I Wonder How He Would See Things

I Wonder How He Would See Things

Reading a Tom Robbins novel got me to thinking about Jesus, the “Jesus” who, during his lifetime was called by other names, probably many, … not all pleasant. Jesus was after all, the prime object in the novel, if not its subject.

I paused, reflecting and reflections led to imaginings seeking some sort of a connection with Jesus, but as the person, in his most human aspects. Not easy because, leaving the issue of divinity aside, he was probably incredibly charismatic, something he shares with others, not all of them positive (think, Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson, etc.), and that charisma has transcended time. Still, in my imaging, I focused on mundane things we shared, we both defecated, urinated, perspired, slept, daydreamed, blew our noses, even masturbated. I wondered what he used as a handkerchief, then I wondered when toilet paper was invented. I recall that Romans used some sort of a sponge, but what about Palestinians? Jesus was, of course, a Palestinian, much to the horror of today’s fundamentalist Christians, especially since he was a Palestinian not only ethnically but spiritually; of course, that’s before most Palestinians became Christians, and then Muslims, and now, …. Hmmmm, …

I wonder if he would have shared my disdain for Saul of Tarsus? Neither of us, of course, ever met him, regardless of the ravings of the schemer, madman or, … whatever he was (I am, of course, referring to Saul, not Jesus).

Freud had a concept that I love which brings likeminded humans together, bridging the gulfs of time and space through the simple medium of realizing that throughout history there have existed, exist and will exist kindred spirits we’ll never meet but can come to appreciate, perhaps even love, merely by acknowledging that somewhere that unknown and unknowable person lived, lives or will live, and that if such person shared the same insight, a metaphorical bridge would generate. A bridge that could link many as easily as it linked two.

I wondered if that was a concept that Jesus the man, might have shared, and if so, why, … then, … Hmmm, we might well be linked, albeit not a Divinity-to-everything kind of link but a linking of spirits, souls, minds, ka’s with shared aspirations, acknowledged sufferings, and, if any mirrors or even ponds were handy, reflections of imperfections striving to improve.

Of course, if Jesus were in fact Divine, such speculation might well be, probably was, sacrilegious, deepest, blackest heresy, … at least on my part. At least from the perspective of today’s fundamentalist Christians.

But I wonder how he would see things?

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2015; all rights reserved