Unintended Rainbows

Unintended Rainbows

It struck him that religion was a perversion of Divinity, a perversion becoming more intrusive and invasive as man mutated into a technocratic self-creation.

Divinity is, he intuited.  It flows and pulses and spins in an infinite dream both within and without. Primally accessible but less so now than it was then, always almost beyond reach but much more so now.

He wondered whether as almost grew smaller and smaller it would ever disappear, or, if, as in mathematical formulae where dividing something perpetually in half never ends it would eventually enter eternity?

He intuited the latter, then wondered where intuition lived and whether it had friends. Perhaps not, perhaps it was a self-fulfilled loner leaking in from another dimension. Probably so.

Then he wondered if perhaps Divinity also leaked in from another dimension, unintentionally, confusing us with the shadows and echoes of its intensity, ….

Generating unintended rainbows.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2015; all rights reserved