Reflecting on Brussels on a Morning in late March, 2016

Reflecting on Brussels on a Morning in late March, 2016

The world is becoming predictable.

That would seem positive but it is anything but that.

The blind leading the blind, the deaf talking to the deaf and the mute desperately watching and listening.

Consequences are predictable as are reactions, but humanity – the realization that we are all human, that we all hunger and yearn for rest and love and mourn and feel fury – is ignored.

We have been lulled and led into the land of the Us and Them.

We have all become what the Nazis dreamed of, believers that we are members of a master race, be it American Excellence, Zionism or the True faith, and that everyone else is not only inferior, but less than human, less worthy than our favorite pets or even our favorite plants, or our favorite television program or video game.

We are shocked when our actions cause reactions.

Those responsible for reactions we call terrorists and vow to annihilate them thus solving the problem for good. The fact that it doesn’t work lacks all relevance. And we keep doing what we were doing and most keep feeling surprise at the results.

But some, the wisely cynical, those who profit from our suffering and even more from the suffering of the others (whatever they may be as they certainly are not who’s), are much more than pleased. This is exactly what they want, what they love, what provides them with wealth and at least some security, and most of all, with power.

Action and reaction, fear and death and mayhem, self-fulfilling prophecies and the delight of “I told you so”s from all sides, “I told you we had to destroy them”.

Revolution and evolution stalled in their tracks in favor of the delight (for some) of devolution.

It keeps us unfocused, no need to deal with demands for equity and education, for decent infrastructure and decent health care, …

And the profits, those beautiful, beautiful profits!!!

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2016; all rights reserved

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