Perhaps until Early Next Doomsday’s Morn

Perhaps until Early Next Doomsday’s Morn

It may be important to recall that almost a century ago (my how time flies when one is having fun, or when at least some ones are), the failure of liberal leftist, socialist and communist political solutions gave rise to extreme right wing populism, which morphed, not unexpectedly, into a variant of capitalism which capitalists seeking to disassociate therefrom insist on calling something else, something reminiscent of the symbols of authority in the Roman Republic (and in the Roman empire as well); or perhaps of Christian crosses with their ends twisted by some powerful storm, all in the same direction, or ….

Maybe it’s not that important.

Despite all the fury and fire, like a turtle interrupted on its determined trip from somewhere to somewhere else (the who’s perhaps know where), those unpleasant interruptions from the past century or better yet, from the past millennium (gives it more weight that way, more antiquity and at least the illusion of more separation; or is that perhaps merely allusion), have regrouped and continue on their merry way; problems saved for resolution some other day. With eyes tightly shut against unpleasant sights and ears tightly shuttered against unpleasant news we go bravely marching on, after all, solutions can wait.


Perhaps until early next doomsday morn.

© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2017; all rights reserved

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