I frequently wonder why so many people who believe in better living through chemistry realize that covering the planet with cement fields is not a good thing.  The two seem so similar to me.  Each equally disrespectful of nature and its own special solutions.

Or how proponents of the right to life in the case of abortion so frequently support the death penalty, while opponents of the death penalty so frequently advocate a right to abort.

Logic is a dangerous tool when it comes to seeking truth because it is a mechanism wholly dependent on the accuracy of the premises applied.  Garbage in, garbage out, like a computer.  Empirical observation should help sharpen premises in the direction of accuracy but we humans have developed the art of rationalization to such a high level that it is almost impossible for people motivated strongly be their preconceptions  to communicate accurately with others who do not already share their views.

It’s as though we are again experiencing the first minutes after the destruction of the Tower of Babel.

[1] Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2007; all rights reserved

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