Election 2004

Election 2004[1]

We have seen the face in the mirror, and it’s ugly, mean and dishonest.  It’s hard to believe.  It’s smug and it’s dangerous but it’s certainly not self-serving.  It’s the face of a very stupid slave, basking in its servitude.  It’s the face of hypocrisy, deep and dangerous.  It’s a face to fear.

Democracy and liberty are such different things.  Democracy, the unfettered will of an easily led and more easily deceived majority, pitted against liberty, the fundamental right of every individual to control his or her life without interference from others, regardless of what others think or want, so long as others’ liberty is not violated (kind of like the Wiccan Reade).

Today, the need for liberty is starkly evident as the masses again blunder their way towards ignorant democratic servility, happy as long as they are permitted to carp and wine at what they themselves make inevitable.  Content as long as their suffering is spread broadly enough among their peers, especially if they can pass the price of their actions along to others.

[1] Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Ocala, Florida, 2004; all rights reserved

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