Reflections on the Nature of Divinity

Reflections on the Nature of Divinity[1]

Divinity enjoys timeless access to everything at the juncture of infinity and eternity within the perfect balance of absolute, omni-dimensional, omni-universal nought; best described as the most absolute and complete zero.  Not zero as the smallest numerical conception, but rather as the largest and most perfect, the essence of the completed whole.

That balance was broken when Divinity apparently expired causing the primal omni-explosion that created the omniverse.  The really big Bang.

Residue of the expired Divinity comprises every component of the omniverse some of which evolved into Divine avatars in the forms of gods and demons, their status, attributes and abilities depending on the degree of belief lent to them by sentient entities.

Every aspect of the omniverse bears a portion of the Divine and thus, only in total concert can they reconstitute Divinity, or more accurately, the Divine Ghost.  Note that a ghost, the non-physical residue of a formerly living being, is not the same as a spirit, which coexists in a symbiotic relationship with a living component.

Time is the medium in which the Divine Ghost dwells but it streams linearly in all possible directions and at all possible speeds, seeking to reflect, albeit pallidly, the infinite possibilities once latent and inchoate which once constituted its corpus.

[1] © Guillermo Calvo Mahé;  Ocala, Florida; December 4, 2005; all rights reserved

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