Observations on Yesterday’s Conflict in the Korean Peninsula

Observations on Yesterday’s Conflict in the Korean Peninsula[1]

The mangy dog was starving and obviously scared, skittish but with a wild feral look, spittle or foam flecking its lips; its ribs seeming to protrude from its sides.  Still for some unfathomable reason, it was doggedly protecting a hole it had just covered over.

A tall, obviously well fed, well-dressed man, a haughty expression somewhat hidden by an amused look in his cold blue eyes, nudged his smaller companion and smirked, “what are you afraid of?  Let’s tease the bastard a bit.  Take that piece of meat and dangle it in his face, then, when he approaches, pull it away and say ‘bad dog!  Make like you’re going to kick him too!  I want to see what it’s got in that damned hole.”

“I ain’t kicking that fucking dog, the smallish Asian boy exclaimed, “you see that foam at its mouth, it might have rabbis or something”.

You’ve got to make it respect you” the older man chided him.  “It lives next door and you need for it to know who the boss is.  Don’t tell me that after everything I’ve given you, everything I’ve taught you, you aren’t willing to back me up on this.  What’ll my colleagues think”, he asked, brushing imaginary lint off his silk and wool blend tweed jacket.  “Now, dammit, show me that you’re the man I taught you to be”!

The dog stared from one to the other, as if it had understood their conversations and growled.

“What, — did the itty-bitty dog scare you”, teased the older man.

The young Asian shrugged, feinted a kick at the dog, then howled in pain when the dog snapped at his ankle, drawing a faint trace of blood where its teeth had momentarily managed to clamp down: “Ahhh, damn it”, he yelled, “it bit me again!  … And look, foam, I’m going to get rabies, stupid fucking dog, it’s a nuisance to the neighborhood, attacking me for no reason, I wasn’t really aiming that kick at it at all.”

Wait here” shouted the older man, “I’m going to get help, we’ll teach that sun of a bitch a lesson it will never forget.”  And he left to get one of his many assault rifles, muttering “stupid damn ungrateful dog”.

[1] © Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, November 24, 2010; all rights reserved

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