And it came to me that there’s an oscillating continuum of evil, a foul infection passing from culture to culture, a wicked synthesis of opposites; the victim transmogrified into a mirror of its victimizer.  Not always but all too often.

The Achaemenids and Athens, – then Athens the Empire, the Peloponnese; Alexander’s dream turns into the Ptolemaic declines; the Roman Republic defeats Carthage and morphs into the Empire; the followers of the gentle prophet Yeshua become heretic burning Christians.  From the Prussian fount of arts, culture and liberal social ideology sprouts Hegel and spawns Communists and Nazis.

In my lifetime:

Nazis, – culminating the process most European cultures abetted, terrorize and victimize Jews; then, almost immediately, – Jews, empowered, find their own victim, Muslims, they who’d imperfectly sheltered them for millennia, – the Zionist synthesis abetted by gullible Americans works on naive Muslims to create Al Qaeda and allied radical Islamic fundamentalists.

Links comprised of seeming opposites to spread the spirit of Jack the Ripper in humanity’s entrails.

Is that what history is about, not progressive evolution but horrifically mutating cultural infection?

Who’s next?  What are Americans becoming?

[1] © Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2011; all rights reserved