Reflections on the Citadel, Early on a Sunday Morn

Reflections on the Citadel, Early on a Sunday Morn[1]

The Citadel means so much to those of us who having been touched there become an integral part of that greater whole.

But what is the Citadel?

That’s too difficult to define, at least for me.  It’s not a mere place but it’s a special place all the same; unbound by time, it’s a crystal:

  • It’s the crystallization of the long grey line, not only of every graduate but of every soul that crossed those portals aspiring to succeed there as a cadet, as a man, later as a woman, as a person;
  • It’s the crystallization of every parent who felt tears of pride escape their eyes as he or she watched their son or later, their daughter, pass in review, look at the world’s most special ring or toss their hat ambivalently in the air;
  • It’s the crystallization of the most noble of ideals;
  • It’s the crystallization of the most special of relationships.

The Citadel is that place where I go to recharge my soul when everything around me seems bleak, where I can find inspiration to face the most daunting challenges.

If there’s a heaven, it must be something like that oasis on the Ashley, in that Holy City so many of us love so much.

[1] © Guillermo Calvo Mahé (Citadel, H Co. 1968); Manizales, 2012; all rights reserved