Perhaps One Day I’ll Have Been Right

Perhaps One Day I’ll Have Been Right

It takes a very brave man, or a very foolish one to look in the mirror, stare into the eyes staring back, and admit that he’s a fool but damn well intends to continue being one, in the foolish hope that blind luck will prove him right.

You’d think that after quite a few decades one would begin to understand the fundamental biological imperatives that drive some of us (mostly males I’m led to believe but daydream about a more equitable balance) to a manic burst of distraction that all too quickly seems to putter out like a damp match, leaving one holding a handful of emotional promissory notes. Thank goodness the weakness does not seem to be hereditary although I suspect that in my case it may well have been inherited, although handled with significantly more grace.

A starburst of passion and emotion and good will and good intentions, and most of all, hope, pure blind hope, the kind a hopeless gambler has in abundance. And ecstasy, the ecstasy, …. ah; it may be just about enough to cover the emotional and fiscal cost, perhaps with a tad left over to make the gamble worth it, at least one more final time. Ah, …, the ecstasy, …! Yep, it’s worth it, and, … who knows, … perhaps one day I’ll have been right.
© Guillermo Calvo Mahé; Manizales, 2012; all rights reserved