What Can I Say

What Can I Say

Wow! What a surprise. My second son Alex; engaged.

Not that it should have been a surprise, his fiancée Paula is wonderful and her daughter Salo may be the best little girl ever. And his relationship oriented maturity and understanding far exceeds anything I’ll ever attain. I always tell my students that the only true measure of success for a professor is when a student exceeds him. That’s true of sons as well (I know nothing about daughters but suspect it’s similar). I’m proud to say I believe my sons Billy and Alex have made me a success and have little reason to believe that when the time comes, Edward will not make me a success as well.

I’ve had a very full life and if I had to write an autobiography, I’d have to plagiarize one of my heroes, Pablo Neruda. I’ve had great successes and abysmal failures, but like the energizer bunny, I seem to keep on ticking. And I think I’m the man I would have liked to have been. That’s a lot to be able to say, and a great deal of the credit goes to my three sons (good title for a TV series).

So, … for me, this is a bitter-sweet day, but a proud and joyous one. It is my privilege to love three incredibly great sons, one wonderful daughter in law and now, one wonderful daughter in law in training. And Salo: … what can I say!


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